Women Winning Divorce with Heather B. Quick, Esq.

#64: Using A Parenting Coordinator In A High Conflict Divorce with Cynthia Salameh

Episode Summary

“Overall, divorce shouldn’t define a parent for the duration of parenting … give yourself a little bit of grace” – Cynthia Salameh. In this episode, Heather Quick, attorney and owner of Florida Women’s Law Group, is joined by Cynthia Salameh, a parenting coordinator and divorce coach, who helps families navigate the uncharted waters of parenting during and after divorce. “The goal of parenting coordination is really geared around assisting parents with their struggles, but the end result is really to help the minor children who can’t help themselves.”- Cynthia Salameh

Episode Notes

Originally from Texas, Cynthia Salameh has practiced various types of law in the state of Florida for over 15 years. She has worked with diverse law firms as a project attorney, but her most meaningful work experience is supporting Jacksonville Legal Aid, where she assisted families of developmentally disabled children. Through her varied experiences, expert ability to resolve disputes and passion for helping others, Ms. Salameh has chosen to dedicate her work to parenting coordination, family mediation, and divorce coaching. She currently works as a qualified Parenting Coordinator and a Florida Supreme Court Family Mediator. 


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