Women Winning Divorce with Heather B. Quick, Esq.

#71 Preparing Your Finances for Divorce with Rhonda Noordyk

Episode Summary

“You can walk in financial confidence” -Rhonda Noordyk. In this episode, Heather Quick, attorney and owner of Florida Women’s Law Group, discusses financial readiness in divorce with Rhonda Noordyk, CEO and founder of the Women’s Financial Wellness Center. Rhonda and Heather share a passion for helping women prevail through the complex process of divorce. “Women make really good private investigators when they have to be”- Rhonda Noordyk

Episode Notes

Rhonda began holding financial seminars for women going through a divorce while she was a financial advisor with a boutique registered investment advisory firm. At that time, it was unheard of, and her male colleagues thought she was ridiculous to be so specific in her audience. They had the mindset that many financial advisors and divorce attorneys have today, “you really don’t need a CDFA® and that financial advice is financial advice”.‌

It became clear to Rhonda that women going through divorce needed someone who was:

- Strategic and knowledgeable to help them prepare their financials before, during and after the divorce so that they could live the quality of life they deserved.

- Empowering them with financial knowledge and giving them clarity to make the right decisions.

- Providing compassion and a steady voice when the circumstances were emotional and overwhelming.

So Rhonda became an advocate for women going through a divorce.

‌For her clients this often means being able to provide a great home for her family; continuing to send the kids to private school; investing in causes that are important to her; buying a rental property for income; starting a business, taking a vacation and living their best life.

17,000 hours; 565 clients and $20 million dollars back in the hands of women going through divorce later, Rhonda is committed to fill the gap between traditional financial advisors and divorce support groups for women.


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