Women Winning Divorce with Heather B. Quick, Esq.

#69 What Is Financial Abuse? With Mary Joye

Episode Summary

“Don’t sign anything until you know everything”- Mary Joye. In this episode, Heather Quick, attorney and owner of Florida Women’s Law Group, discusses financial abuse in marriage and through divorce with Mary Joye, a therapist, and Florida Supreme Court Family Law Mediator. Heather and Mary discuss what financial abuse is, different types, and how to escape it. “Education is Liberation”-Mary Joye

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About Our Guest

Mary Joye is a LMHC specializing in trauma, grief, and life events management in central Florida and is additionally a Certified Clinical Trauma Professional. Aside from her impressive mental healthcare professional resume, Mary is also a Florida Supreme Court Family Law Mediator. She’s an expert on divorce, as she endured a financially complicated divorce. She’s published “Codependency Recovery and Discovery 2.0” and has published various courses on Daily Om.com. 

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