Women Winning Divorce with Heather B. Quick, Esq.

#65 Healing Emotional Trauma Within Divorce With Jena Jake

Episode Summary

“I started coaching to help women through the divorce process… it’s something you don’t want to do by yourself.” -Jena Jake. In this episode, Heather Quick, attorney and owner of Florida Women’s Law Group, discusses emotional abuse in divorce and overcoming with Jena Jake, a therapist and coach for women post-divorce. Heather and Jena discuss their similar, yet different roles when helping women through divorce. “There are many sides of divorce, there is the emotional side, but also the practical side.”- Jena Jake

Episode Notes

About Our Guest

Jena is a therapist and coach for women post-divorce She is also the mother of two lovely daughters: one with Autism and one who is adopted from Guatemala. Having gone through a divorce herself, she understands the pain and the challenge that comes with reinventing your life. “Having picked myself up off the ground I am happy to share my secrets for success and manifesting a beautiful life!” She is also the co-owner of a healthcare consulting company and has coached some of the best and brightest in healthcare. She is also an expert in personality and communication. 


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