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#62-Social Investigations in Modification and Relocation with Susannah Collins

Episode Summary

“ Social investigations, look into all of the social aspects for the child. It helps the court decide what’s in the best interests of the child.” – Susannah Collins. “ In my experience women care about the children, child interests, what the child needs… men focus on the stuff.”– Susannah Collins, Esq. Heather Quick, attorney and owner of Florida Women’s Law Group, is joined by Susannah Collins who is a Family Law litigator to discuss social investigations in modifications and relocations.

Episode Notes

About Our Guest

Attorney F. Susannah Collins is a Florida Family Law litigator dedicated to promoting and defending the rights of children, spouses and parents in all areas of Family Law litigation including complex and simplified Divorce proceedings, Paternity actions, Modification and Enforcement proceedings, Timesharing, Child Support, Alimony, Relocation of children, Stepparent and more."


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