Women Winning Divorce with Heather B. Quick, Esq.

Welcome to Women Winning Divorce. I am your host, Heather Quick. I am an Attorney, Entrepreneur, Author and Founder of Florida Women’s Law Group, the only divorce firm for women, by women. I love thinking big, thinking outside the box, creating creative solutions for women and empowering women to win in all aspects of their life. Our approach at Florida Women’s Law Group is to provide women with a strategy to not only achieve their objectives but win at life. I believe that what may show up as adversity is simply an opportunity to change and improve your life.
In each episode of this podcast, I sit down with innovative professionals and leaders who are focused on how you can be your best self, before, during or after divorce.
In these conversations, we are looking at how women can win at life. I have the unique opportunity to meet women when they are at a transition period of life, but that is only the beginning to becoming your best self and winning at life, on your terms. With our guests, we enjoy the opportunity to explore ways all women can win and enhance their life, no matter where they are in their journey, because divorce is just point in life, not the end and not what defines you, rather it can be a catalyst for growth.

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Women Winning Divorce is the place for an elevated conversation on how women can thrive during times of adversity in order to live their best life.

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This program was created to provide tips and insight to women with family law issues. It is not intended to be legal advice because every situation is different.